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Shopping Center and Store Front Renovations

Whether you are looking to build out your shopping center, or a store within a shopping center, deciding to build-out a commercial space is an exciting step for a business owner. By hiring an experienced general contractor like Max Tripodi, you can be sure that your new business will be in the right hands.

What work does a shopping center contractor perform?

An experienced general contractor, handles the following tasks in a shopping center build-out project:

  • Submit project plans to the municipal authorities
  • Assess any special requirements of the project such as review and submit plans along with the permit and filing fee to the appropriate building and zoning department, which includes fire and safety, and landscaping.
  • Communicate with all interested parties, including sub-contractors, vendors, building inspectors, landlord, landlord’s vendors, architect, engineer
  • In the early stages of a build-out, arrange a meeting between the building officials, inspectors, architect, interior designer, sub-contractors, third party vendors, and engineers, to review the project and coordinate scheduling and budgeting.
  • Coordinate with the landlord’s roofer if penetrations for piping and wires are necessary and determine if there are any structural factors that may cause limitations on the project (warranty, zoning, etc.)
  • Review the landlord’s rules and restrictions for signage. Whether it be the overhead sign of your store, or the stickers placed on doors and windows, an experienced general contractor will know what steps to take to ensure that all requirements are met.

Max’s years of experience, timely payments to sub-contractors, and open communication allows for a strong ongoing relationship with a large number of sub-contractors. Because of this, his clients can feel confident that the construction project is being handled efficiently and on time and within budget.

Conducting Inspections And Determining Trades And Subcontractors Needed For The Project

A general contractor will inspect the space’s mechanical aspects (electrical, plumbing, gas, etc.). If specialized sub-contractors are needed to repair electrical, gas, roofing, water, or other essential elements to a retail space, a contractor will contact his client and hire the sub-contractors accordingly.

Whether your business or operation is an electronics store, sports bar, sign manufacturer, retail location, etc., an experienced contractor will contact an electrician to upgrade the amount of amperage to the panel in the space as well as increase the size of the panel if needed for TVs, signs, and other electric powered devices.

Max is in constant communication with his clients, so and the client will receive consistent updates regarding the status of the project as it progresses. This means the client can have peace of mind that his or her renovation project is in the right hands.

Other tasks the contractor will perform include:

  • Arrange for temporary facilities- it is the contractor’s responsibility to find temporary facilities for work-related necessities such as: power, potable and municipal water, phone and internet service, parking, storage, and site security (fences, barricades, etc.) prior to commencement of the build-out project.
  • Project supervision- it is essential that the project’s general contractor is highly experienced in this area of construction. Your general contractor must provide the necessary management skills and job-site supervision.
  • Build-out completion and project hand-off- Once all tests and inspections are complete, contractors are required to educate their tenants about any new maintenance programs and utility meters that may accompany their build-out.

Quick Tip: If renovating an already existing store front or shopping center interior premises, always budget an amount (10%-15%) for unforeseen repairs or upgrades.

Do You Need A Shopping Center Contractor?

If you are a business or shopping center owner interested in building-out your retail space or renovating your shopping center, then please feel free contact Max Tripodi at (954) 931-6688.

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