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How to Find the Best Walk-In Cooler Latch Kit for Your Restaurant
By: Max Tripodi Comments: 0

If you notice your walk-in cooler warming up a few degrees after a busy shift and taking several hours to cool back down, you could easily end up with a spoilage issue on your hands. Food spoilage is a serious cut to a restaurant’s bottom line, so you’ll want to immediately troubleshoot the cause of […]

Slip-resistant flooring for restaurants
Product Reviews: Slip-Resistant Flooring
By: Max Tripodi

When it comes to the remodeling or construction of a restaurant, your choice of flooring should be a top consideration. No matter where in the restaurant your flooring is installed, conditions such as texture and durability should always be met. If they’re not, customers and employees could trip, slip, or fall, resulting in injury, lawsuits, […]