Best 3 DEWALT Drywall Screw Guns

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Best 3 DEWALT Drywall Screw Guns

By: Max Tripodi

Getting the best DEWALT drywall screw guns for your DIY projects is a definite way to complete your ventures as soon as possible, with a prolonged level of ease and effortlessness. It converts your job from a hectic one that you wish to finish effectively to a straightforward and fun task.

We have done the legwork for you and found some ideal drywall screw gun options. Here are 3 of the best DEWALT drywall screw guns:

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The DCF680N1 cordless screw gun includes two removable batteries similar to other cordless DEWALT models. We began by charging the battery overnight to ensure that it was at capacity for our tests. Successive charging exposed that it took greater than one hour to get a full battery.

Let’s say that you want a cordless screw gun with tons of features and a solid reputation. In that case, DEWALT’s DCF680N1 model is an ideal option. It passed all our tests with flying colors, including rapidly driving screws into every drywall panel without losing power, speed, or precision.

The cordless model comes with a gyroscopic trigger that starts the motor with the twist of your wrist. You need to twist the trigger to the right, and it can fix or drive any screw. In case you want to loosen the screw, twist left. It also comes with two LED lights to illuminate the project and a two-position grip that lets you choose between a pistol handle or a straight barrel position.

There is a 15-position clasp we modified to accommodate the drywall panels’ density and prevent the screws from stripping out. It provides a speed and torque capacity of 430 rpm and 40 inch-pounds. The ¼-inch chuck can fit regular bits. You can also utilize the lithium-ion battery in other DEWALT models so long as their power output is 8 volts.

Ultimately, the power and ease of use of the DCF680N1 model make it our pick for the best overall DEWALT drywall screw gun.


  • Modifiable clasp settings
  • Bright LED light for better visibility
  • Battery compatible with other DEWALT units
  • More potent than regular DEWALT drywall screw guns


  • On the costly side compared to other hand tools



Most people typically have basic DIY projects they take care of at home. Not everyone needs an overpriced, powerful drill to get a simple job done. The DEWALT DCD771C2 is the ideal option for such budget buyers.

We compared all three of these DEWALT drywall screw guns. The DCD771C2 model took nearly every test’s central or average spot, explaining its comparably lower cost. Like the other units on this list, it comes with a three-year company defect warranty covering all defective issues or parts replacements.

It has two speeds. Its max speeds of 450 RPM and 1500 RPM fall in the average range. The lower speed level is ideal for more fragile projects that require you to take your time. Meanwhile, the faster option is suitable for pushing through a ton of drywall screws in a shorter period than the lower one.

Keep in mind, though, that quality is the ultimate goal. DEWALT is a reliable name in the power tools industry. Even their lower-priced models like the DCD771C2 provide quality and a longer lifespan. So, if you want good quality at a more affordable price, this DEWALT drywall screw gun is the way to go.


  • Dual rechargeable batteries
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • LED light to provide more illumination
  • Affordable


  • No brushless motor reduces the lifespan
  • Less power

3. DeWalt DCD996B

DeWalt DCD996B

The DCD996B DEWALT drywall screw gun is a more premium, heavy-duty option on our list compared to the rest. It’s ideal for pro construction enthusiasts who cannot compromise on quality and have the budget range to afford such a higher-priced option.

The unit showed durability, power, and ability to handle all of our tests with precision and ease. Drilling drywall screws was assuredly a breeze with this model.

The screw gun has a belt clip conveniently included in the design to help you move it around the construction site without any struggles or obstacles. Its ergonomic grip also allows you to hold the gun more easily for prolonged projects without worrying about fatigue or hand cramps. It also achieves consistent screw depth for each project.

Compared to the others, the one drawback to this model is that it doesn’t include a battery. Despite that, we think that is a great option. An easy solution to this issue is to use the battery from the screw gun you’re planning to replace, as long as it’s compatible. You have to ensure that the battery of this compact tool meets the 20-volt prerequisite, and if you can manage that, we have to recommend the DCD996B model for your heavy-duty work.


  • Mighty 20-volt screw gun
  • Includes three individual speed options
  • Ease of use
  • A brushless motor ensures longevity


  • You don’t get a battery and charger
  • Too complicated for novices

Buyer’s Guide

Choosing the most ideal DEWALT drywall screw gun is essential but challenging. In contrast, all screw guns can handle most drywall needs. However, picking the wrong one can become a burden as you proceed with your projects.

There is plenty of different models available in the DEWALT line. Still, you need to consider one or two factors before getting one.

Ergonomic Design

Gripping onto your DEWALT drywall screw gun is crucial to stay safe and finish your task successfully. The ideal screw gun can handle a firm grip, including grander triggers, more throttles, tight grip sections, and tight corners. An ergonomic design also means that the model pivots to handle different situations and projects.

While all the models on our list have this design, the DCF680N1 showed the most promise by combining a good grip with a lightweight and compact design to make holding the model easier.

Cord Type

Most job sites don’t have several power sources at hand. Therefore, you need to know whether your model has a long cord or is cordless since it can largely depend on your setup. Cordless models are ideal since they’re easier to use without motion limitations and include more powerful batteries that last longer. All the DEWALT models we’ve listed as our top picks are cordless.


The best DEWALT drywall screw gun has adjustable features that can effectively impact its torque and screwdriving depth. This feature enables you to adjust settings for every different project according to your needs. Adjustability includes the ability of the screw to change its position for the ideal screwdriving job. The DCF680N1 again stands out with its 15 different clutch settings that provide the most adjustability.


A durable DEWALT drywall screw gun goes a long way. The ideal screw gun uses materials that resist corrosion, staining, and other defects. Durability ensures the model works effectively without getting damaged with prolonged use. The DCD996B DEWALT drywall screw gun offers the most durability out of our three options, thanks to its premium design.


How much do DEWALT drywall screw guns cost?

At the shallow end, you can get a DEWALT drywall screw gun for around $100, like our budget DEWALT DCD771C2 model. For a more affordable option, it’s also easy to get one below $100 (like the DEWALT DW255 not mentioned on this list).

When looking for a DEWALT drywall screw gun, the complete kits that include batteries and charges can get more expensive.

Can I use a DEWALT drywall screw gun for non-drywall projects?

A DEWALT drywall screw gun’s design is for drilling screws into drywall with superior and greater speed and accuracy. They usually don’t have as much power or torque as non-drywall models. You’d better get an impact drill if you’re working with anything other than drywall.

Something fragile like building cabinet hardware is also not ideal for a DEWALT drywall screwdriver. All the models mentioned are powerful hand tools that don’t come cheap, so you shouldn’t risk spending on them if you want an easy finish.

Should I get a collated DEWALT drywall screw gun?

That depends on what you prefer. A collator accessory can help increase the speed of your screwdriving, making many jobs much more straightforward. However, collated screws can be two to three times more costly than the average loose screw. So you also have to pay extra for the accessory.


Overall, our pick for the best DEWALT drywall screw gun is the DCF680N1 model. It’s a versatile screw gun with great power, torque, and adjustability within an ideal price range.

Instead of working on a budget, check out the DEWALT DCD771C2 model. And if you’re looking for more premium quality and superior performance, the DCD996B DEWALT drywall screw gun is your best bet. You can also get more info on how to handle drywall projects here.

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