6 of the Best DeWalt Drywall Sanders

dewalt drywall sander

6 of the Best DeWalt Drywall Sanders

By: Max Tripodi

When it comes to sanding drywall, you need the best tools available, and Dewalt is a notable construction brand. With that in mind, this article highlights 6 of the best Dewalt drywall sanders for both DIYers and professionals to purchase.

Nevertheless, before highlighting these drywall sanders, it is important to discuss the important factors you need to consider when selecting a DeWalt drywall sander.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Dewalt Sander

Control and Stability

You have to also consider how stable the DeWalt drywall sander is in line with its performance. It should be powerful enough to do its job without being haphazard. This also takes into account the comfortability of the DeWalt drywall sander. The last thing you want to be is constrained or uncomfortable when sanding drywall.

When considering a product, you need to consider the level of comfort and additional control it offers.


There are various DeWalt drywall sanders to select from, which means your choice is difficult. One way to help you make the decision easier is to concentrate on the design. This means considering the materials used to manufacture the DeWalt drywall sander, the color scheme, and everything else that contributes to the product’s design.


Before you purchase anything, you should always ensure that your product has specifications that match your needs. Specifications can define a product’s capabilities, and since so many options on the market are available, you need to select the right one.

Choosing the right DeWalt drywall sander means considering the features, performance, and of course, its affordability. Each of these requirements influence your final decision, and considering all of them means you get value for your money.


Buying a DeWalt drywall sander means buying a high-quality product from a brand that provides outstanding customer service. Great brands create their product with extreme precision and care. Such a brand is always available to answer any inquiries you might have, fix any product flaws, or even refund your money if there happens to be damage to the unit.


Performance and cost are two sides of the coin when considering buying a DeWalt drywall sander. Most professionals purchase a DeWalt drywall sander because they can ensure the unit’s performance and quality. Nevertheless, the price of a drywall sander is not indicative of its performance, as the most expensive one might not be the best choice for your situation. Various low-cost models provide excellent comfort and performance.


How the DeWalt drywall sander is created and built, coupled with the materials used, can help determine its durability. You need to select a sander that can tolerate damage, pressure, and wear. Furthermore, you need to ensure that it provides a streamlined style that can fit just about anywhere. Durability is a feature that both professional and DIY sanders can appreciate.

6 of the Best Dewalt Drywall Sanders Available on the Market

1. DEWALT 20V MAX Orbital Sander, Tool Only (DCW210B)

DEWALT 20V MAX Orbital Sander, Tool Only (DCW210B)

The DCW210B is a DeWalt drywall sander that comes with a  brushless motor that increases efficiency and runtime with any project. Its variable-speed control takes the OPM from 8000 to 12000, ensuring that this DeWalt drywall sander can match the application speed. It has a replaceable 8-hole hook and loop sanding pad for seamless and quick paper changing. Its low profile height lets you get close to the work surface for precise sanding.

The switch is protected from dust ingestion thanks to the dust-sealed design. This feature ensures long switch life. For comfort, the grip is made from texturized rubber. You can also lock the dust bag with one hand.

2. DEWALT DWE7800 4.7 Amp Electric Drywall Sander

DEWALT DWE7800 4.7 Amp Electric Drywall Sander

This electric drywall sander promises to achieve a smooth and polished finish. Fitted with a 9 inch hook and loop sanding pad, this sander is easy and versatile to use, able to reach hard places. It’s equipped with an Airlock connection to make it compatible with DeWalt dust extractors as well, perfect for safer work.

3. DEWALT 20V MAX* XR Palm Sander, Sheet, Variable Speed, 5-Ah Battery, 1/4-Inch (DCW200P1)

DEWALT 20V MAX XR Palm Sander

The DCW200P1 max cordless drywall sander is an electric DeWalt drywall sander that has been designed with efficiency in mind. Its battery, combined with the variable speed control (from 8000 OPM to 14,00 OPM), ensures a long run time. This variable speed control also ensures that this DeWalt drywall sander has the speed to match the application.

The ¼ sheet sander has a low profile height, making it perfect for those who want to be closer to their work surface to achieve precise sanding. The paper clamps have been designed to securely hold paper, and installing paper is easy on this DeWalt drywall sander model.

Comfort is the mantra of this DeWalt drywall sander as it has a texturized rubber overmold grip.

4. DEWALT Electric Sander, 1/4-Inch Sheet, Orbital (DWE6411)

Orbital (DWE6411)

This DeWalt drywall sander is an electric orbital sander with a 2.3 amp motor. It is capable of sanding at 14,000 OPM. The ¼ sheet sander has a rubber overmold texture that helps to provide comfortable and smooth control when sanding.

Its improved paper clam features help provide it enhanced paper retention. Additionally, the locking dust collection port system enables the user to lock a vacuum hose connected to the sander and allows for maximum dust collection. Its reduced overall height enables you to get closer to your project. The separate counterweight design is included to lessen vibration.

The dust collection port has been designed to directly fit the DMV010/12 dust collectors. The rubber dust boot over the switch helps keep the switch clear of dust, which promotes a longer switch life and gives you easy access.

5. DEWALT 20V MAX* XR Palm Sander, Sheet, Variable Speed, 1/4-Inch, DCW200B)

DEWALT 20V MAX XR Palm Sanders

The DCW200B is a DeWalt drywall sander that has been designed with a brushless motor. This design ensures that the sander has the efficiency and improved runtime to get the job done. It also has variable speed control, switching the OPM from 8000 to 14,000 depending on the application.

The ¼ sheet sander has a low profile, enabling the user to get as close to the work surface as possible. This helps to ensure the sanding movements are precise. There is also a paper clam that has been designed to securely hold sanding discs while allowing for easy installation.

The dust-sealed switch means that it is protected from dust and can last long. You also get a one-handed locking dust bag. This DeWalt drywall sander is comfortable thanks to the texturized rubber overmold.

You should note that the compatible DeWalt dust extractor port has been designed to directly fit the DWV010 or DWV012 dust collectors. The dust collector is good for removing potentially harmful dust from your work area.

6. DEWALT 20V MAX Cordless Drywall Sander Kit

DEWALT 20V MAX Cordless Drywall Sander Kit

This drywall sander kit has the things you need to get the job done! Here you’re getting the DeWalt 20V Max Cordless Drywall Sander, fitted with an articulating head, telescoping shaft, variable speed dial, and Airlock dust extractor compatibility. The entire kit will include the cordless drywall sander, batteries and charger, and replacement sandpaper and mesh pads.


In conclusion, the DeWalt drywall sanders offer a range of features and benefits to help users get their jobs done quickly and efficiently. Whether you need portability with the cordless model, or a powerful motor for heavy-duty projects, DeWalt has got you covered. With variable speed control and dust extraction technology built into the sander, these tools will help make your projects easier and more enjoyable.

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