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Building-out an office space can take a plain looking office with 4 walls and turn it into an inspiring and attractive work environment. Hiring the right office remodeling contractor is a good first step to achieving this goal.

Max Tipodi has years of experience with office build-outs, ranging from adding simple partition walls to complete office renovation.  Max will assess your existing office space and provide an honest evaluation of the work that needs to be performed and the cost for the doing so.  Because Max is well organized and conscientious, his clients can feel comfortable knowing the information he provides is something they can rely upon.

What Tasks Does An Office Build-Out Contractor Perform?

Office remodeling contractors perform services in all stages of an office build-out including:

Pre-Construction Design Phase – The contractor coordinates meetings between the property owner, architect, engineer, subcontractors, and other essential vendors to ensure the parties are all on the same page.

For example, if the customer/tenant wishes to use an advanced intercom/phone system or security system, a contractor will call in a voice and data vendor and/or security professional to inspect the existing wiring and hardware to determine if the desired system(s) can be implemented and supported.

Additionally, if the location is empty, the contractor will obtain temporary utility services, like electricity and water, phone and internet services, parking and storage, and site security (fences, barricades, etc.) and any other services necessary for the construction of the project.

Construction Phase – In this phase, the general contractor will manage and coordinate the construction build-out work to ensure adherence with the approved project plans, municipal requirements, building codes, and other applicable building standards (for example, ADA requirements). Additionally, the contractor works with the building owner regarding any modifications to the existing envelope as well as submitting plan revisions to the applicable building officials and attending any meetings requested by the city.

Depending on the sophistication of the build-out, the contractor may also facilitate the sound proofing of certain sensitive areas, the building of furniture, fixtures and equipment (FFE) and oversee millwork and other finished carpentry.

Most importantly, the general contractor is responsible for calling interim inspections by building officials, obtain releases of liens for all parties serving a notice to owner, change orders, expense reports, and safety inspections.

Completion Phase – The contractor will ensure that all punch-list items are completed and accepted by the architect, owner, and building inspector. Punch-list items include details that make an office space safe and functional, such as simple tasks like placing covers on electrical outlets and ensuring doors work properly. A contractor will also ensure any correction notices are satisfied as well as providing documentation to the appropriate building department prior to requesting a final inspection by the appropriate building officials.

What To Look For When Searching For The Right Office Build-Out Contractor?

Because office-build out projects involve the coordination of a variety of tradesmen, it is essential that the project’s general contractor is highly organized and experienced in all facets of office construction. Also, finding a commercial contractor who has strong ongoing relationships with sub-contractors and other vendors, (these relationships are usually built upon a contractors track record of timely payments to sub-contractors), are keys to getting a project completed timely and within budget.

Finally, Max believes that providing his clients with complete transparency, including the cost to complete a project, is essential for a successful project for the mere fact that he doesn’t want his clients to feel like they are being taken advantage of in any manner during the project.  His goal is for his clients to feel like they made the right decision in hiring Max the day after the project is completed.

Quick Tip: The best way to help your commercial contractor when first meeting with him or her is to have a set of plans prepared by a licensed architect.  That way your contractor can provide a realistic timeline and a cost estimate of the work to be performed.

Do You Need An Office Remodeling Contractor?

If your business is considering an office build-out or remodel in your commercial space or if you have questions regarding general contracting, please contact Max Tripodi, a Florida commercial contractor, at (954) 931-6688.

To learn more about Max Tripodi or to learn about some of his past office renovation projects, see Florida General Contractor



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