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Office Build-Outs

Building-out an office space can include both small-scale and large-scale changes to your business location. From adding updated hardware, to building-out a new office location, Max Tripodi, a licensed general contractor, can transform your business’s environment to bring your vision to life.

An office space renovation or build-out can apply to a variety of spaces within an office including:

  • entryway and reception areas
  • office support spaces
  • meeting spaces
  • storage rooms
  • file rooms
  • mail rooms
  • copier areas
  • kitchens
  • telephone and communications equipment rooms

The most common modifications and upgrades to an office space can include and are often related to:

  • Millwork
  • Conference rooms with special lighting systems, acoustical treatment, moveable partitions, millwork, or A/V systems
  • Secure storage, strong rooms, vaults, and hardened partitions located within the office suite
  • Large filing, library, or storage areas with concentrated floor loads
  • Enclosed spaces requiring acoustical separation with acoustical insulation, and ductwork sound baffling
  • Specialized window treatments (blackout shades, plantation shutters, motorized fabric draperies, etc.), interior windows, glass block partitions, and glazed doors
  • Humidity, pathogenic, or hypoallergenic air treatment systems
  • Upgrade or changes to standard items such as plaster or vaulted ceilings, specialty lighting, or upgraded ceiling tiles
  • Private toilets, elevators, or staircases


Below is a breakdown of the specific changes and improvements a business owner can consider when deciding to build-out or renovate their office:

Entry and Reception Area

The reception area is the first impression that a customer or client who walks in to an office will have, and it may foreshadow how a business meeting will pan out. There are several ways to portray the desired first impression, including:

  • Crown molding- Small details such as crown molding are often overlooked but prove to be beneficial in giving an overall professional and polished look to a reception area.
  • Furniture- Clients and customers alike will want to feel comfortable in an office. Providing plenty of furniture, tables, background music, and even a TV or two can be beneficial in making even 20-minute wait times feel shorter.
  • Lighting- There are hundreds of lighting options to choose from, such as ceiling mounted fixtures, wall-mounted lamps, and table lamps, as well as natural light. (See more on lighting below.)
  • Soffit- Soffits are an excellent way to add additional lighting and dimension to the entry of an office space.

Phone and Intercom Systems

In order for an office to function efficiently, a business owner should consider installing advanced intercom and phone systems. Implementing these systems are a common aspect of an office build out, and communication is key, especially in todays technology based, fast-paced society.

Partition Walls

For projects with ample space available, “frame-and-stand” construction can introduce a partition wall quickly to an office space. On the other hand, projects involving remodeling or small rooms may use a “frame-in-place” technique to construct a partition wall.

Additionally, for those who are moving in to a new office space, demolition of existing walls is an option to consider. If the existing partition walls in an office have any structural damage, mold, or other health hazards, the walls must be taken down and new ones built to avoid any health or safety issues from happening in the future. Additionally, for those considering an open-plan office space, existing walls will need to be taken down.

Open-plan office spaces

As technology continues to revolutionize the way we work, many business owners are leaning towards open-plan office spaces. This means ditching the cubicle and providing plenty of open space and seating options to eliminate the feeling of isolation from its employees. Design aspects which may be implemented include little-to-no partition walls, soundproof rooms for confidential calls and conferences, and a large number of windows (see above) to allow plenty of natural light in to the office. So, providing a variety of built-in furniture such as desks, couches, and tables for your employees to work comfortably is something to consider when building out an office space.

Accessibility Modifications

The Americans with Disabilities Act mandated that all public buildings constructed after January of 1992 must provide reasonable access to public buildings and offices for individuals with disabilities. Safety should always be taken into consideration for all guests in an office, especially those with specific accessibility needs.

For example, walkway ramps, grab bars, and adding a lowered section of the receptionist desk for guests who require a wheelchair are some of the ADA compliant modifications that can be integrated into office spaces through a build-out renovation project.

Lighting & Ceiling Options

Drop ceilings consist of a metal grid comprised of cross-tees and main runners. Panels, air vents, lights, and other components are placed within the ceilings. Drop ceilings are the easiest means for hiding the building’s structure, suspension system, HVAC, and other equipment.

When it comes to lighting, those with textured surface finishes and white finishes are among the most common in office settings.


Adding windows to an office space provides natural light that can make an office environment welcoming to workers and clients alike. Cutting into pre-existing walls for window openings are common in office build-outs.

Flooring Options

Commercial flooring options vary, depending on the preferences of the owner. However, in the case of office spaces, key factors such as budget, design, foot-traffic, and maintenance should be kept in mind when assessing flooring options.

HVAC Options

Quality Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems are essential for any office space in South Florida. If an office build-out location does not contain an HVAC system, a variety of options are available, including 2-speed air handlers and compressors.

Security & Emergency Options

Building complexes offer a variety of services ranging from weekday to 24/7/365 security. Pre-existing buildings may also have surveillance systems installed in their infrastructure.

Installing locks, security doors/systems, keypads, and ensuring there are no fire hazards such as faulty wiring in the electric circuit boxes are just a few of the necessary precautions to take when renovating or building-out an office space.

Office Renovations in South Florida

If you have any questions regarding office renovations or office build-outs, please contact Max Tripodi, a Florida General Contractor, at (954) 931-6688. He’s happy to take your call and answer your questions.

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