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How Much Does a Drywall Contractor Cost?

The cost to hire a drywall contractor is normally based on the number of sheets of drywall that has to be hung, the amount of time allotted in the construction schedule to install, tape and sand, which impacts the number of people needed to complete the job, and if lifts are needed for the installation and who pays for the lifts. With today’s estimating technology, a knowledgeable drywall contractor should be able to give an exact dollar figure to complete a project, unlike the way it was just 10 years ago.

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What Tasks Do Drywall Contractors Perform?

Drywall contractors are responsible for reviewing the plans, ordering materials, taking care of the delivery of the materials, framing, mudding, preparing the walls for painting, and managing their team.

Before work commences, an experienced drywall contractor will walk through the job site with the installers to ensure proper installation of the wallboard and to identify any unforeseen complications like fire separation and framing issues. During the final walkthrough, they also make sure the final product is smooth and ready for paint.

Although drywalling is sometimes deemed a basic part of a project, there are many intricate details that go into doing it properly. However, here is a list of basic tasks that a drywall installer will perform:

  • Install drywall to walls or ceilings
  • Fastening drywall panels to metal or wood studs
  • Preparing panels for painting by taping or finishing joints
  • Smoothing out imperfections
  • Working with ceiling tile installers to build walls
  • Measuring, cutting, fitting, and fastening panels
  • Preparing panels by sawing, drilling, or cutting holes in panels for electrical outlets, air-conditioning units, and plumbing
  • Using a lift to place ceiling panels
  • Filling joints in-between panels
  • Pressing paper tape into compound
  • Smoothing away excess compound
  • Covering nail and screw depressions
  • Sanding areas after each coat

Why You Should Hire an Experienced Professional

Hiring an experienced professional drywall contractor will ensure your project is completed in a timely manner and that it’s up to professional standards. While many general contractors hire day laborers to install drywall to save money, they risk running into issues that could cost them more than what they save. Some of these issues include:

  • Walls that are not square or straight
  • Lack of airtightness
  • Visible nails and screws
  • Air bubbles in the drywall tape
  • Tape that separated from the bedding
  • Boards that are too small for the space
  • Texture buildup
  • Cracks in the drywall
  • Improper edge support
  • Poor drywall coverage

Using general laborers on drywall can save you money in the short term, but hiring a competent professional guarantee the drywall will be properly installed, look good, and last for years to come.

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What Sets Us Apart from Other Drywall Installers?

Our drywall installers, also called drywall hangers, are part of a team of professionals who take every precaution to ensure the job is done well. Since drywall is a heavy material, we have at least two workers to lift the board against the wall and glue, nail or screw it to a wood or metal frame. Each piece is measured twice and cut once for seamless installation.

Our drywall installers have experience working on different types of projects. We have handled large-scale drywall contracting services for the following construction jobs:

  • Warehouse build-outs
  • Interior office build-outs
  • Multi-family construction
  • Custom homes
  • Restaurant
  • Night clubs

Whether you’re looking to build a new home, renovate a large office space, or build-out a warehouse, our team is ready to help get your project completed timely and on-budget.

Do You Need an Experienced Drywall Contractor?

Max has over 30 years of experience dealing with drywall jobs as small as a single-family home to a 500+ bed student housing project.

If you have questions about a drywall installation project or if you want to learn about some of Max Tripodi’s past drywall installation projects, contact Max directly at (954) 931-6688.

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